Welcome to SEAREPA


SEAREPA is a network of community based renewable energy practitioners from across Asia that make up the South and Southeast Asia Renewable Energy People’s Assembly.

Each day, members of the network face the development challenges of bringing renewable energy to off-grid communities, and each has developed their own innovative solutions all around Asia. The network includes manufacturers, implementers, researchers and policy makers who have developed community focused solutions to electrify remote communities.

In 2012, SEAREPA had its inaugural gathering in Sabah, Malaysia. This brought together over 130 renewable energy experts from across 11 countries.  The gathering concluded with agreement on 12 future projects, including developing community micro-hydro practitioner networks, promote regional exchanges of renewable energy systems, build a youth alliance in the Mekong Delta, and build a network against the massive dam spree in Sarawak among other initiative.

Today, the network partners continue to work on these 12 projects, as well as developing an open-source information-base for renewable energy in Southeast Asia. The objective is for us to work together in creating a permanent space where awareness surrounding destructive energy practices can be raised, and innovations in community and climate supportive energy practices can be shared.

In early 2014,  SEAREPA is set to have its second gathering in the Philippines.

If you want to get involved, let us know